About Lelasilk

Lelasilk is a contemporary luxury brand based in Hanoi (Vietnam), representing a new approach and a sophisticated twist on classic day and night wear.

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Our designs are timeless, unique and modern. Our creations embody undeniable charisma, wisdom and inner confidence reflected through light, airy yet luxurious fabrics to flatter every body type.

Fabrics are sourced and sewn in house with our team of local artisans and designers who carry decades of experience and wisdom in their hands. This means we’re crafting a product you can feel good in, both inside and out.

On this site, our core collection of tried and true basics are offered in pure mulberry silk & other super soft silks.

A refined wardrobe brings ease and freedom to pursue the real things in life. Our clothes are designed to inspire all Lelasilk women to be more confident and to feel beautiful with relative ease.

Let's find out what special clothing for you right now with our collections: silk dress, silk loungewear, silk top, silk robe,... 💕💕💕

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